Keto For Dummies - How To Start

Starting keto, simply...

When I thought about starting low carb eating, “keto” as it’s commonly called now, I’d done many, many diets over the years. I was overweight, tired all the time and feeling quite negative about how diets don’t work for me in general.

I’m not sure what clicked for me, or motivated me to begin low carb. But once I did, I was beyond happy with my decision. And like every journey you take, there are bumps in the road. And that’s great, because they make you rethink what you’re eating, or challenge your lifestyle choices. And with some minor adjustments, you’re right back on track.Eating low carb is remarkably easy when you consider all the food  you can eat. And there’s a yummy keto  recipe to replace any foods you may think you’ll miss!

You won’t go hungry at all!!!

You may wonder what a low carb eating plan will do for you.

Here are some things you can expect...

Weight loss

Better sleep

Better concentration and focus

Increased energy levels

Reduced appetite 

Many many health benefits 

To name a few.......

And who wouldn’t want all of that. Now there are lots of ways to follow a low carb diet. Many people count macros. And i support all different ways of achieving your goals. Macros and counting everything is not for me. I’m terrible with numbers and I simply don’t have the time or inclination.

So here’s what I did to kick off my low carb eating and get into ketosis.

It’s simply stage one, it’s the time to be disciplined so that your body adjusts to this new way you’re eating. 

I ate (and still do) 20-30g TOTAL carb per day

I don’t count fats but ONLY eat good fats coming from animal fats, olive oil/coconut oils/avocado oil. NO SEED OILS 

Protein... I eat approx 0.8g per 1 lb of my body weight. Protein will NOT make you fat, it’s a power house of nutrition and keeps you full.

Once you’re about 3 weeks in, you’ll be in ketosis. You’re body becomes fat adapted. 

This is exactly what you are aiming for. Ketosis is a metabolic state .This is when your body has no choice but to turn to your fat for energy, instead of carbs, therefore burning fat everyday. 

Once you are past the first stages of  getting into ketosis you can introduce many more foods and eat keto desserts that replace all your favourite sweet treats. Talk about having your cake and eating it too!!!!

I recommend in the first few weeks avoiding the desserts as it gets you into ketosis quicker not having them . Not only that but the discipline of following an eating plan for 3 weeks and succeeding puts you in a great mind set to continue on the right path moving forward. 

You’ll know if you are in ketosis if you begin to feel some of the positive effects listed above. To know for sure, test your ketone levels. I use keto mojo, it’s simple and accurate. It tests the ketones in your blood with a pin prick.... you can use urine sticks but they tend to be less accurate.

To be in ketosis you are looking for a reading between 0.5- 1.5 . This means you’re in a moderate state of ketosis. This is good and for some people all they are looking to achieve and sustain. 

To be in the optimal level of ketosis, where you fat is being burned at a higher level, you want to see a reading of 1.5  up to 4

How you may be feeling as your body adapts.....

I want to make the point that not everyone feels these things. But I want to give you all the information so that if you do get headaches, for example, you won’t be alarmed. 

You may feel....

Constipated... this is due to les fibre in your body, and quite possibly the fact that you are eating less food. Also, any changes we put our bodies through, may take a minute for things to catch up and work smoothly again

Headaches.... drink more water, and have electrolytes... I add hydration and to my water 

After the initial water weight loss in first few days, your body may panic and wonder where on earth are the carbs?? This can cause it to hold onto everything you eat until it realises all is good, plenty of food is coming and to continue with business as usual. 

This is why I don’t recommend weighing yourself at all in the beginning.

Some people have had dizziness, cravings for sugar, achy muscles.

My personal experience in these first few weeks was that I had a headache in the first few days. I drank my water, added electrolytes and it passed quickly.

Tips & tricks

Intermittent fasting - a great tool for weight loss! (I’ll go into details on this separately)

Measure yourself on day 1

Take a photo of yourself for comparisons moving forward 

Throw out your scales

Put on your favourite jeans... Make a note how they feel

Drink plenty of water each day

Relax and trust the process

Take electrolytes daily 

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