Keto Grocery Shopping List

Protein (the starting point for every meal):

Beef, preferably organic (all cuts, as varied as possible, so steaks like filet, sirloin, and rib eye, plus ground chuck, tri tip, rump, all of it!) PS - cooking steaks rare to medium is probably best. Burgers, chili, bolognaise are fantastic Eggs, preferably organic (tons, like 2-4 per day if you can……... and the whole egg!) Chicken & turkey, preferably organic (white meat is great… many more nutrients in the dark Fish, preferably wild not farmed (big mixture, especially oily fish, raw or cooked). Prawns are great! Pig is good too - all of it! Bacon is wonderful! Real bacon, not turkey (turkey bacon is ok as part of your diet… it’s high protein, but it is a bit processed). REAL sausages are good - not fake hot dogs Cured meats like prosciutto are great - minimize the more processed “sandwich/deli meats"

Fats ..obviously many of the proteins above do include fat 

Seeds (sunflower are one of the greatest foods ever) Nuts (almonds & walnuts best, avoid cashews as they are high carb) Cheese (proper full fat stuff, lots of varieties) - has lots of protein in it too Cream cheese (pure fat, no protein, but still great) Heavy cream Avocado (including 'proper' guacamole) Dark choc - over 85% (small amounts) Organic salted butter Oils - extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, palm oil Animal fats - butter, lard, tallow etc. Nut butters, as long as they haven’t got much sugar added 

Veg (3-5 portions per day…. prioritise leafy veg, and have a mix of raw and cooked):

Kale Broccoli Spinach Asparagus Sprouts Romaine lettuce Other lettuces Celery Mushrooms Cucumber Cauliflower Peppers Onions Tomatoes Artichokes  Cabbage Olives  

Note there are no root vegetables, no peas or corn, no potatoes - all high carb, low nutrient

Fruit (1 portion per day max for now - you can have none if you like… we don’t NEED fruit!):

Strawberries Raspberries (lowest sugar fruit there is!) Blackberries PS - frozen strawberries and raspberries are great!

Cooking/dressings etc:

The oils/fats as mentioned Soy sauce in small amounts Small amount of balsamic vinegar (not the thick balsamic syrup/drizzle) Wine vinegars Small amounts of full fat mayo, if it’s made properly with olive oil - most supermarket versions are made with nasty canola or soybean oil Spicy sauces. as long as low sugar - these are great! Jalapeños (not sweetened ones) Herbs and spices all good - spicy ones best! Full fat sour cream is superb For ranch, Caesar and so on, buy full fat “clean ones”, with minimal ingredients and low carb (many dressings have a lot of soybean oil, or canola, which is best avoided), or just make own dressings (we love olive oil and salt, done!) Mustards all good


Water Tea Coffee Herbal/green tea More water Sparkling/soda


String cheese Nuts and seeds Cheese blocks

Hard boiled eggs (keep a dozen ready in the fridge!) - lots of salt on them! Dark chocolate (85% plus) Dark chocolate mousse or chocolate almond bark  Berries and cream 

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